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children playing

Children's entertainment at weddings and special occasions

During special and celebratory moments, we want to create beautiful memories for you, along with the little ones and your dear guests. We provide diverse, guided, and fun activities for the children, while also ensuring that adults can relax, have fun, and steal a little time for themselves! :)

DIY School Cone

We create together

We transform halls, restaurants, estates, and your chosen spaces into true little art galleries, where imagination guides us and originality is encouraged

Sretna djeca

We play together

Traditional or social, active or cognitive games are children's favorite activities. Seeing smiles and happiness on the little ones' faces is our top priority

Djeca plešu

We dance together

The favorite song from their beloved cartoon, school, or kindergarten is the theme for us to create a unique choreography tailored to the children's age

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